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30 things about me

Since I turned 30 I wanted to share since I just turned 30! The first 10 are on my Instagram.

I love nature and city life
Deer are my fav animal
I moved out on my own when I was 18
I have a bachelors degree for photography
I lived in Michigan, Chicago and New York
I have a pizza problem
I’ve been an Internet sharer since like 2000. It started with neopets
I started Jag Lever on tumblr in 2009
I don’t like Lima beans
I’ve never been to Paris but really want to go
I studied German for years
I have a very European background but there is some Swedish in there as well!
I really want to visit Sweden
I’ve had my heart broken many times, I’ve even been married once (craziest fact about me)
I only wear nature scents
I love to paint and draw
My favorite movies are lost in translation and nightmare before Christmas
I love home decor
I’m obsessed with antiquing
I plan to build an a-frame cabin in Michigan hopefully soon!

Love you guys! I would love for you to share a fact about yourselves here in the comments 🙂

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Jag Lever

I love blogging, fashion, cooking, my cats and coffee.

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  1. Anastasia
    3 years ago

    This was actually really fun to read, thanks for sharing! Crazy that you were married before! Lol.

    1. Jag Lever
      3 years ago

      haha i know right?!

  2. Lis Duarte
    3 years ago

    Wow! You are great girl!

  3. Mackenzie Schill
    3 years ago

    This is such a fun list! I would LOVE to see the process of building an a-frame cabin, what a fun project to take on!



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