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My old Piet Mondrian dream apartment.

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If one stood in a certain spot in my living room, the wall colors resembled a Piet Mondrian piece. I painted the wall baby blue. I miss that wall.


Piet Mondrian tribute dress.


It really is a dream apartment… because all I can do is dream about it now.

While I do love my apartment here in New York, I often find myself feeling exhausted because of its darkness. There are only two windows, one is half blocked by a wall and the light doesn’t reach the side of the room that my bed is on. It makes me feel sad inside just thinking about it because I immediately remember the beautiful light in my old Chicago abode. There wasn’t a place you could look that didn’t have a window with beautiful light pouring in…

Another downside to this building is the internet. It’s only wired for Verizon DSL and my internet connection is .9 Mbps. Not even one. In Chicago I think I had 20 and it was cheaper. It’s such a simple thing that I really took for granted. And laundry… luckily I have enough dresses to clothe a family that I can rotate.

I do love New York but I just have to move deeper into Brooklyn to find light. To feel life. I do have days where I feel fantastic, when the windows are open and there’s a nice fresh breeze.

Being in one room (studio apt) with all of my stuff and my clothes is hard too. I don’t have a closet, just rolling racks so clothes are sprawling and bursting everywhere, which results in me having to spend four days a week cleaning.

Light + space + organization = life + clear mind + inspired.

I hate complaining. I am so thankful I even get to live in this wonderful city. I just had to learn a lot about living here the hard way.

One day I’ll live in a place as nice as this again.



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  1. mariedoll
    11 years ago

    Nice Place!

  2. kacieeface
    11 years ago

    I feel the same. I live in Oakland, and hardly get any light into my house. I had to move my work area into my dining room because of it’s natural lighting!

  3. Camila Cediel
    11 years ago

    I’m moving to Chicago this winter. I’m scared shitless. I haven’t live there by myself in over 4 years. I wish I still had friends there. I hope I can find a beautiful apartment like yours to feel at home.

  4. Sofia
    11 years ago

    Wow. That looks amazing.


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