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WAD Magazine & Waking up in England


Here I am, in cartoon form in the latest issue of WAD magazine, sporting the orphans arms pullover. It’s pretty neat.

I like waking up in England. It’s much better to wake up next to someone you love.

Next saturday I go back to Chicago. I am dreading leaving Gareth again, but also I know that when I leave its almost February and hopefully we will soon be getting our visa notice and take the next step in getting him to America.

I am not sure if I have even mentioned the process in which Gareth and I are currently going through on here. We’ve been going through the K-1 Fiance visa. We sent in our petition Sept 27th, and we’ve waited 4 months up until December to see each other again since the summer, and in late Feb it will have been 5 months since we sent our petition. 

In a perfect world, we will get our NOA2 (approval of petition) early feb. Then Gareth and I wont have to keep crying and asking When when when? The worst part is not knowing a day or month that we’ll be together again.

But I know that day is soon. And the longer the USCIS procrastinates with our petition, they will be getting a phonecall from moi.

And then Gareth has a medical exam, and an interview at the US embassy in London. That process takes about a month. So, hopefully with fingers crossed and praying on every first star I see every night, Gareth will be flying to live with me in Chicago in March/April.



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