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Today has been almost entirely dedicated to finding the perfect spring/summer shoe(s). I have looked on many sites and have found some but my search continues! if you have any great sites for shoes please feel free to share in the comments.

The shoe that I really want from Macy’s seems to be forever sold out in my size… so I keep on searching. It seems difficult to stay within a price range and get something original, comfortable, and something you really fall in love with. I always find myself really falling in love with shoes by Acne and Minimarket which is simply not in my budget at all… these two shoes by these first paragraphs are from Urban Outfitters. Nice and simple and exactly what I am looking for.

Anyhow enough ranting and on with more lovely shoes…




From solestruck, nordstrom, and lulu’s.


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Previous PostHello, I recently came across your blog via lookbook, and have now read all of your entires! I've been through a very rough breakup recently and I wanted to tell you that reading about you and your fiancé has reminded me that there is true love and to try to leave things to fate (how you met) and all that sappy stuff! So, thank you for putting your life out there as well as your beautiful pictures! Good luck with everything, and I hope you're enjoying Chicago (one of my most favorite cities; I visit often) as well as England (I've only been once but love it very much as well!). xoxo Clare
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