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It’s almost here! New York fashion week. Rachel Lynch of is coming here to join me as well as my fashion photographer friend Brandon Farrington for a week packed with shows, parties, and fashion! I can’t wait. To prepare, I have partnered with a few companies to put together the hottest looks.

The items above are some of which I’ve chosen. All of the items above besides the Minimarket wedges are items that are from I can’t wait to sport the UNIF creature coat, Alexander Wang sunglasses, Jeffrey Campbell Ice wedges… and my new Minimarket wedges (that I got on ebay!). The Unif coat and the Alexander Wang sunglasses are my first two pieces from those brands/designers. Pretty exciting!

My biggest fashion week tip is… wear platform shoes! Try to avoid heels without a full platform. This will save your feet in terms of standing/walking for long periods of time at parties and shows. It can be tricky to look good and be comfortable at the same time, but I promise that platforms are the way to go! The less of an arch your feet are at, the better.

Enjoy yourselves and I will be covering plenty of shows and looks for you, so keep an eye out!



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