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My amazing experience getting tattooed by Ryan Roi of Dukkha Tattoo.

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I am beyond excited to share with you guys my two new tattoos done by Ryan Roi who works at his own private studio, Dukkha Tattoo, in Greenpoint Brooklyn! The private studio feel is definitely my personal preference because it offers a more connected feeling to the artist, there are no distractions and it is all about what you came for, your new tattoo. I feel in a shop setting things are more hectic, rushed and chaotic. Ryan was my second private studio tattoo and I was so happy with his work and how it went! I interviewed Ryan for you guys so you could learn a bit more about him.

Interview with Ryan Roi

How did you start tattooing?
I got a job working at a tattoo shop at the front desk and as a body piercer apprentice when I was 19. I learned allot about working in a tattoo shop and the hygiene aspects of tattooing and piercing. I made friends with several tattoo artists whom I learned various things from and after two years of working in a few shops I decided I wanted to start tattooing. Although i am mostly self taught, those two years of working in shops gave me alot of experience that I feel was crucial to have befor I picked up a tattoo machine. Knowing how to draw and design art that fits the body is important but not as important as being able to work cleanly and safely. In the beginning I tattooed myself and my friends and slowly built up my portfolio and worked in several street shops in the west village before I started working at any reputable shops.
What is something you would like everyone to know that is coming to you for their first tattoo ever?
I try to be very patient with people getting their first tattoo. I understand that it’s a big decision and that you might want to move it or change the size a couple times. But that being said, you should come prepared and have some idea of how big and where you want it.
Biggest pet peeve as a tattoo artist?
when people say “I want something simple and easy” . It’s more the assumption that anything about tattooing is easy not realizing that a perfect circle or a small triangle may look “simple” but it’s taken me years of practice to be able to tattoo that “simple” tattoo as perfectly as I can.
There are no simple or easy tattoos. There’s just people that can make them look easy, and way more people that can easily mess it up.
Do you have a favorite piece that you’ve ever done? I know it must be hard to choose one! If so, what is it of?
my favorite piece changes all the time. It’s usually a piece I did in the past month. And a month after I do that piece I do something that I like even more. I am constantly challenging myself and I am always easy excited about what’s next.
What are your future goals as an artist?
opening my own private studio was a major goal of mine that I recently achieved. I wanted to work for myself so that I could also work on my jewelry line as well as pursue other creative outlets like drawing designs for T-shirts and playing more music (I’m a drummer). Designing and making my line of jewelry is definitely my next big goal but I will always tattoo and I look forward to seeing my tattoo work grow and expand for many years to come.
I also had Peter film most of the process and put together a video for y’all!

Ryan also was kind enough to do a quick tattoo of my brothers signature which can be seen at the end of the video. I definitely recommend him for anyone in New York looking to get something done, or for those visiting! His instagram is @dukkha_tattoo.

Love you guys!

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    That’s a fab tattoo, it’s making me want another one
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  3. Kinga Kurek
    7 years ago

    It’s such a cool interview, I love the fact you introduced more tattooing to blogging community, if I make any sense at all! The images give out such a cool vibe of the tattoo studio as well, your piece looks stunning and it really suits you! It would be so cool to see more interviews with Tattooists or artists in NY in general!
    Kinga x

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    very nice.

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