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I can’t believe how many people read this thing! I feel so undeserving of this attention! I logged into formspring (which i just made today) and had around 40 questions! Amazing. Thank you all for reading this blog. It is really the first blog i’ve stuck with and updated in a consistent manner. I wouldn’t if it wasn’t for the comments and support! Thank you all!

Also I am pleased that my first ebay auction ever is actually getting bids! I am thinking of opening an ebay store. I go to a LOT of thrift stores and CONSTANTLY find REALLY amazing things that aren’t my size… so I am thinking of purchasing them anyway and selling them to you guys so you can enjoy something that I have picked out!

What do you think?

Also, there’s been a request for more video blogs. I promise I will make more! I should post some of my videos i’ve been making on my ipod lately…


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I love blogging, fashion, cooking, my cats and coffee.

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