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Holiday Shopping with Finn

I’d love to share all of the special gifts I got this year for Finn! Finns favorite holiday cookies, and more! Keep reading…
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It was so much fun shopping with PetSmart for Finn’s second Christmas! Technically he was a baby pup last year so I didn’t get to buy him many things.
This year however I went a little crazy! But that’s okay, because I mean… look at his face!
PetSmart does an incredible amount of charitable donations for pets in need. They have a few amazing programs such as throw blankets that give 10% to charity, Chance Lucky & Hope dog toys that also give 10% and buy a bag of pet food and it gives a meal to a pet in need. 63+ million meals will be donated which is just incredible! It can be any pet food, any brand, any size.
We also cant forget that anyone can visit a PetSmart and find a forever friend through their adoption program. I am such an advocate for adoption for so many reasons! PetSmart has cats and dogs that are just waiting for love!
Here are some of the amazing items I picked from PetSmart for Finn this holiday season:
I always select organic treats and try to avoid rawhide. He’s a heavy chewer so I always get him lots of bones! He absolutely loves the Yaky dog chews and the Yaky dog cheese treats. Dogs pretty much love anything cheese so I tend to get cheese flavor when it’s available. I also got him these holiday themed gingerbread treats! This candy cane sweet potato chewy bone was an excellent choice as well!
Finn is obsessed with squeaker toys and anything that makes noise! The flatties like the raccoon in the photos make a crunchy sound and it really makes him go crazy. The holiday themed toys are just too cute!
A pup’s gotta stay warm! There were so many cute sweater and clothing selections. I had to get him this snowflake sweater and scarf, and of course some reindeer antlers to match!
It’s hard sometimes with two cats and a dog in a tiny Brooklyn apartment, so I love cleaning my floors with the Natures Miracle advanced spray! It helps eliminate pet odor.
I definitely recommend shopping my selections here:
Love you all so much!
This post is in sponsorship with PetSmart
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  1. Karin
    5 years ago

    Aww, Finn is adorable! Love the little scarf and reindeer antlers! 🙂
    Karin recently posted…Thoughts on getting a new dogMy Profile

  2. sara
    5 years ago

    he is so so so so adorable
    sara recently posted…Lake Tourlida: Greek national parkMy Profile

  3. Pet Finder Online
    5 years ago

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  4. Sharon
    5 years ago

    Finn is the highlight of this blog no doubt.
    Absolutely wonderful to feature. Great pictures and stories, thank you.

    Cheers Sharon…
    Sharon recently posted…Shark Shield Freedom7 Shark Repellent – Proven to deter Great WhitesMy Profile

  5. all4petstore
    4 years ago

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  6. LeMitri's
    3 years ago

    Adorable photos! Glad I popped by your blog!


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