Jag Lever

Pronounced: yawg-layver

Swedish for: I live

Hello! My name is Rachel-Marie Iwanyszyn. I am currently living in New York City. I studied photography with a commercial concentration at Columbia College Chicago where I earned my bachelors degree. I have previously lived in Chicago and I am originally from Detroit. I created Jag Lever in 2009. I chose the name “Jag Lever” because it means “I Live” in Swedish, which I found very fitting for my blog because my blog began as a lifestyle and fashion blog, it was originally not strictly for fashion. I am not Swedish, I just love Swedish culture including fashion, art and music. Some of my favorite fashion brands are Swedish.

Jag Lever today is about 90% fashion related content. Occasionally I will share music, mixtapes, and photographs of things happening in my life. I feel it is important to share these things also because they impact the way that I dress and my taste in fashion.

My style varies based on my mood. I love modern and vintage. However I like to channel a 70′s hippie/boho vibe more frequently than not. Even though I love living in big cities, I crave nature. I was born in Michigan and spent a lot of time up north on beaches and in trees.

One strength that I have been told I have by others is my ability to work various positions in fashion. Behind the camera, in front of the camera, and styling shoots. I have also been referred to as a fashion chameleon because I love to experiment with many different trends.

I am a full time blogger. I started to blog full time in December of 2012 right after graduating from college. It is really challenging to be freelance but I make it happen for myself! It’s fun and every day is interesting.