A wild fox.

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If I were going back to school this would definitely be my outfit of choice. A nice comfy Wildfox sweater, a plaid skirt and creepers. It took me a while to warm up to the creeper trend. I can’t help but feel very boy London when I wear creepers which is a nice change of pace.

I am so tired right now. The past week and precisely the past two days has made me feel so drained. I’ve been shooting a LOT and have many exciting things coming to the blog for you! It is all for you that I want to post every day, shoot all the time and run around town to meet with brands and plan more. I of course absolutely love what I do but it could not even be possible without all of you lovelies that come to read my blog every day. So thank you from the bottom of my heart!





Sweater: c/o Wildfox Skirt: vintage from Noelle Hat: thrifted Creepers: c/o Chicwish Bag: c/o Coach


Photos by Noelle Downing

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11 thoughts on “A wild fox.

  1. Simone

    I mostly like your skirt and your shoes. I am totally in love with the tartan / check print trend and I also love creepers. I have creepers too, but it’s the worst quality… That’s a pity. But these look soooo amazing! :D

  2. Ellie

    This would be an awesome back to school look and your creepers are so fun. I had creepers in high school that I gave to a rockabilly girl once I got to college since I didn’t wear them much anymore but now I wish I had kept them haha.

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