Satchel mania! Since I always get so many people on the streets asking about my green satchel (pictured at the top) I wanted to write a special post about the lovely company that makes them.

The Leather Satchel co. is a leather company from the UK. They specialize in these leather satchels. What makes them so amazing is that they are individually hand-crafted per order. One can order a satchel and customize it however they choose. Size, color, handles, buckles, hardware, and monogramming are all some of the options one has when customizing their satchel. Instead of just initials, one can also have a personal logo monogrammed on to their bag. It’s amazing.

I am blown away too by their quality. When I recently ordered this black satchel above as a gift, I couldn’t let it go when I opened the package! It’s so lovely. The briefcase handle on this bag really makes it a nice bag to carry a laptop or books to work or school.

Be sure to check out this company at if you are interested in ordering your own satchel!

I will continue to do specific product features based on what the public loves! It’s interesitng to see what people on the streets comment on that I’m wearing vs. what is popular on the internet. I will try to bring more of that into my blog posts.



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