Rain rain, go away.

Between the steady rain and the lack of natural sunlight in my apartment, I am feeling like a zombie. I’ve only left my apartment when necessary. Living in a tiny New York studio makes me realize just how lucky I was when I first started renting. Going from huge Michigan apartments, to smaller Chicago apartments, to the smallest New York apartments. It feels like life is squeezing the last bit of energy I have left by diminishing the sunlight.

I used to write blog posts back in 2009 when I’d be doing my laundry in my apartment. Now I’m writing a post with my laundry sitting at a friends. I rolled it a few blocks away in my polka dot suitcase in the rain because laundry is hard to come by these days, and I know someone that is lucky enough to have in unit laundry.

My how things change and luxuries change. Even small luxuries suddenly seem so big…



  1. It sounds like the rain is just making you have a down day, at least you have New York on your doorstep :)


  2. colinechavaroche says:

    Summer please hurry up!

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    Coline ♡

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