Phantom lover.

Loving consciously.

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First thing is first — yes, I have eyebrows if you can believe it. This is the first look I have posted without my bangs being on my forehead. I kept listening to Lykke Li’s new album and I had a shoot yesterday… and I just felt restless. I felt like I needed to break out of my comfort zone for even just a little while. My bands have been with me since I basically had hair. In high school when I grew them out I got made fun of for my forehead being big so ever since I just couldn’t be without them.

Until today. It is even refreshing and exciting for myself to see this different look… it’s almost a different person. I’m really proud of myself for doing this!

I’m wearing two pieces (this lace dress and jacket) from H&M’s conscious collection. I am super excited about this collection. Besides the pieces being absolutely stunning with insanely beautiful details, they are made from sustainable materials.

I love you guys.


bent arrow

In this look… lace dress and embroidered jacket c/o H&M.

Photographs by Phil Van Nostrand

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17 thoughts on “Phantom lover.

  1. taylor

    yay for being courageous!! i am the same way with my hair, nice to see someone be so brave and look absolutely stunning!

  2. Lindsay

    You are simply gorgeous, love. Though being on those rocks in those shoes scares me even thinking about it. This look is spectacular.

  3. Jessica Luxe

    you’re gorgeous with bangs!
    i was teased for having a big forehead in highschool too.. but that’s what makes us all gorgeously original (it also means we have bigger brains, of course!)


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