Outfit inspiration.


It can be really simple to put together cozy and cute looks from websites like Bon Prix. They have a variety of trends available on their site at an affordable cost. They asked me to style some looks that I would enjoy wearing.

I chose a lot of comfy pieces with faux fur that include some of my favorite details like plaid, boho accessories, a dark green satchel and of course a cape.

Here’s a breakdown of the outfits:

Outfit 1

  •  Gray cardigan + black skirt + green satchel: This is a classic take on a schoolgirl/preppy look. These pieces can easily be worn in multiple seasons with layering. This look is perfect for being comfortable and casual.

Outfit 2

Outfit 3

  • Tartan cape + collar necklace + jeans: While staying trendy it’s easy to also be comfortable and casual. The cape adds an element of sophistication to this look. Wear a statement necklace like this one under a collared shirt to give an otherwise simple outfit some flare. 

Hopefully this has inspired some of your future outfit choices!




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