Heritage check.


Another snow day!

IMG_4247 IMG_4252 IMG_4248 IMG_4249

Since I didn’t get to build a snowman I picked the best looking one on the web:


Isn’t he great?

Noelle kind of helped me style this outfit. I usually wouldn’t style this cape in this way but I actually love how the striped sweater plays against the plaid on the cape. It’s fun!

I can’t believe how magical the snow looks in these photos. I hope that the snow holds off until I get to Michigan. It would be lovely to have a white Christmas however I would also like to be able to drive safely. Can’t wait to have my car and my tunes again.





Striped sweater thrifted from Crossroads, Old ASOS cape, boots c/o Shoedazzle and Acne thrifted shorts.


Photographs by Noelle Downing

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10 thoughts on “Heritage check.

  1. elodie

    I love the last photo :)

    You are so beautiful and I love see your photo (since few minutes) because you live in NY et I will go in NY the next week :)


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