Forever21 layers.

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Forever21 has really been killing it with their variety of layering pieces for this F/W season. This is my first pinafore (also known as shortalls) and I am totally stoked to pair a variety of button-ups and plaid shirts with it! I toned down the schoolgirl vibe with this structured navy blazer. It has a great cut, it’s low in the back and fits nice and snug! It isn’t one of those boxy fits that stick out in the back. I am really quite excited to add it to my rotation of jackets!

I remember right around this time two years ago, peter pan collars were huge! They were everywhere. Now I am seeing myself drawn more to vintage inspired little collars like the one on this shirt. It’s such a cute little collar! Pairing it with necklaces tucked underneath is a great way to add an interesting detail to an everyday, easy look.





Forever21: button-up shirt, pleated shortalls (pinafore), horse necklace, bangles & braceletes, clear clutch and military blazer.

Velvet boots: c/o LuLus.


Photography by Noelle Downing

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7 thoughts on “Forever21 layers.

  1. Ashley

    The blazer and the boots are my favorite things in this post. I don’t what it is about me and blue lately, but we’re pretty tight. ;) Definitely spending my gift card for F21 sooner rather than later.

    xo Ashley

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