Flowers on flowers.

What can I say, it was a flower filled day…

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I really want to never talk about the weather again but that’s IMPOSSIBLE because it’s now starting to get glorious outside and I can’t help but feel so freaking HAPPY. In celebration of being coatless I shot with my ever so talented friend Phil in dresses and hardly any layers and it felt damn good.

I decided to make this outfit very flower-filled and just right for the transition into spring. I love this dress from Romwe, it’s simple but very cute and I love the print. There are birds hidden in there!

I hope that you all are having some nice weather wherever you may be. Sending warm hugs your way.




In this look… dress c/o Romwe, Wolverine boots and old hat from H&M.

Photographs taken by Phil Van Nostrand


  1. pretty dress, pretty photos!

  2. Gorgeous, this is such a perfect spring post!! The sun looks so beautiful!

  3. This dress pretty beautiful :3

    Love, Maikie

  4. Lovely outfit post! It’s been warm here in Michigan, too. But today we literally just got 6+ inches of snow! :(

  5. Ahhhhh those edits! I love . Photo number one just kills it. And that one with your toes pointed inward, so nice! Of course Flowers on Flowers on Flowers turned out exquisite ;)

  6. So gorgeous, love the print <3

  7. You’re very great
    Nice outfit and super cool pics
    Love it :)

  8. Love this outfit so much! Your blog is perfect!

    Madison Martine

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