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As you may have heard, I got to go home to Michigan and then to Chicago last week! The purpose of me going home was to graduate, but of course I saw all of my friends and family. Being in Chicago was strange and made me feel as if I had never left, and that after drinks with Rachel & Brandon at Montrose beach we’d all be walking back to my old apartment on Hazel. Such was not the case. Sad face. That apartment was amazing, and being right by the beach was a dream… I do love living in New York. I just wish my apartment wasn’t so small.

I tried to go to as many of my favorite places while in Chicago. (Michigan consisted of mostly thrifting.) I made it to my favorite bars: The Violet Hour, the Whistler, the Owl, WaterShed and Piece. I ate delicious meals and I had a great time!

I am now back in full swing of things at home, so expect lots and lots of outfits this week!




  1. I can’t begin to explain how much my sister and I want to visit Chicago, this post has just confirmed that :)


  2. I was actually in Chicago the days you were! So funny! Congrats on graduating! XOXO

  3. Congrats on graduating! I love the picture with you in your graduation outfit :)
    Looks like you had lots of fun! Can’t wait for the new outfit posts :)

  4. Congratulations!
    Did you graduate from your Master’s degree?

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