Germany was dreamy.

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It could be love.


Wearing one of my favorite old Wildfox sweaters for a cozy easy look in Central Park.

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You’ve found a new star to orbit.

Cozy casual look with the prettiest end of day light.

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Rock n Roll braids

New York inspires me to be bold…

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Snow day.

Snow day and new frames.

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Sorry not sorry.

Lazy Oaf has quickly become one of my favorite brands recently.

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I got a puppy.


So as some of you may have seen on Instagram, on my birthday (Dec 19) I landed in Michigan, got in my car and went and picked up my new puppy son from No Dogs Left Behind rescue!

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Picked up a couple of new sweaters recently, plus this amazing red denim!

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Steal the look.


I used the new Rimmel Get The Look app to steal Emma Stone’s SAG awards make up look!

I’m super excited to share a new application with you all from Rimmel! It’s called Rimmel Get The Look and it can be found in the App Store. You all have to download the app and try it out, it’s seriously so much fun!

It works so simply and flawlessly; all you need is a photo or a friend wearing a make-up look you would like to steal.

Open the Get The Look app and click on the ‘Steal the Look’ option. Hold the apps face recognition up to the image or person who’s look you want to steal. The app will scan the image/persons face and take you to a screen where it allows you to try the look on via selfie camera (a bit like a snapchat filter). What’s even better – the app suggests Rimmel products that match the look so you can easily re-create it on your own. If you are not satisfied with the suggested products, the app gives you the option of browsing their full product list to add products to your look and try them on via the selfie camera. Once you are happy with how you look, you can purchase the products through the app via Amazon (which also has exclusive Rimmel products!)

Then… ta-da, you stole the look!

Here’s an additional video that demonstrates how the app works. It’s the first global beauty app of its kind! I was blown away by how easy it was and how accurate. I love Emma Stone and her look from the SAG awards with the dark eye and bold red lip was perfect for me, so I decided to steal it (sorry Emma!) using the new Rimmel Get The Look app.

I was blown away buy how easy it was and how accurate! I love Emma Stone and her look from the SAG awards with the dark eye and bold red lip was perfect for me, so I decided to steal it (sorry Emma!).

 Click the link below to see more!

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